Michael Archinal

Dr Michael Archinal – Veterinarian

Expert in the Human-Animal bond

Michael Archinal is a veterinarian, multi-hospital director, published author, media celebrity and international speaker.

Michael’s first book, Animal Wisdom, has sold close to 10,000 copies, and is now in its second printing. For the last 15 years Michael has been an expert contributor to Australia’s number on selling dog magazine (DogsLife).
With over 450 appearances on live national television and more than 15 years award-winning talkback radio, Michael has a proven unique ability to educate in an engaging manner.
Internationally acclaimed in the top 5% of presenters in the United States, Michael has spoken everywhere from local volunteer organisations to multi-national overseas tours.
For over 30 years Michael’s desire to give back to the community has been reflected with his work in local charities and volunteer organisations, and on a national scale with remote aboriginal communities.
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